Convenient Goods

Carrying a variety of goods available in most grocery stores and a prepped-to-order eatery.

Convenient Hours

Monday - Saturday
9AM - 6PM

Convenient Location

Located in the city's 100-year old Municipal Market on the famed Sweet Auburn Drive.

What's In Store

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We value our purveyors

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Our shop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am-6pm, and closed on Sundays, with the exception to holidays.



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Parking is available in the Municipal Market parking lot where the 1st hour is free.  Metered street level parking is also available on all adjacent streets.

Cash Back

We are not able to provide cash back on any purchases; however, an ATM is situated within City Provisions for your cash vending needs.

Product Request

It’s a small space and we can’t carry everything. However, if there is a specific product you’d like us to carry, feel free to send us an email by clicking here. We’ll make every effort to add that item to our stock.

Vendor Inquiry

We’re always looking for unique and specialty products to carry in our space. If you would like us to consider carrying your products, please send us an email.

Online Or Call Ahead Orders

At this time, we do not have online or call ahead orders.  However, Buckhead Meat products not carried in the store can be prepaid and ordered onsite.  Your order will be available for pick-up in the store within 48 hours.

Beer & Wine

When you walk-in to City Provisions, you’ll notice our Wine Nook. Our future developments will include stocking select beer & wine products. If you’d like to be updated on when Beer & Wine is available for purchase, sign up for our newsletter.

Demonstration Kitchen

The open kitchen in our space is another planned development where we will host a variety of fee-based events, cooking demonstrations and team-building and other group activities. If you’d like to be updated on the Demo Kitchen, please sign up for our newsletter.


Our Eatery staff is available to prepare the meal for your next office luncheon or home event. If interested, please contact us by email.