About Us

About City Provisions

We love food! All of it, not just the marketing buzz of ‘farm-to-table’, ‘organic’, ‘local’ and so many more catch-phrases. But all of it…how it’s made, the purveyors whose passion fuels a new offering to the marketplace, the organizations that make it their mission to instruct us on which foods are clean and not, the chefs who take seemingly ordinary ingredients (& sometimes not so ordinary) and impart divine inspiration on how we can replicate meals in our own kitchens, the companies that find a way to prep something so tasty, mass produce and allow us to grab, go, reheat and eat. Now to be a part of that process simply excites us!

You’re not alone if you feel grocery shopping is drudgery, a must-do, or starve, or do without bare necessities. At City Provisions, we embrace your entire journey of store-to-home provisions, not as drudgery, but as a special part of life. This is the part that satisfies and makes all the other creature comforts feel that much more. It’s why we take seriously who we partner with, which local vendors to support and what essentials to carry. We’re your foundation that makes every day start and end on the right foot. And that’s what we’ll always do… think of you and listen to you in everything we decide to offer in this space.

For us, quality of life starts with a love affair with simplicity. After all, simple doesn’t mean settling…simple is life elevated!

Our Promise & Core Values

Our Promise:

We promise to think of you and listen to you in everything we decide to offer.

Our Core Values:

1. Commitment to Service

We will assist you, our customers, promptly with warmth, patience and the desire to be helpful.

2. Service with Integrity

We will be open, honest and consistent in all every engagement, whether in person, on the phone or online.

3. Commitment to Quality Products

We will carefully select products that reflect our commitment to adding value to your life.

4. Promotion of Partnerships

We will develop close relationships with strategic partners and/or vendors based on openness and a win-win concept.

5. Teamwork Philosophy

We see ourselves as part of a broader group within the market and the downtown Atlanta community.

6. Fostering Creativity

We are always striving for better, innovative ways to remain relevant.

Our View on Service

1. We welcome you.

2. We know you want and deserve to feel valued.

3. We believe you expect and deserve quality & price conscious products.

4. We appreciate you choosing us for your grocery and quick-bite needs.

We’re not striving to be the best, we strive to give our best… in how we meet the needs of our customers, in how we choose the products to showcase and in exploring innovative ways for you to enjoy and experience food.

Key Purveyors

Buckhead Meat

Buckhead Meat, formerly Buckhead Beef® was established in 1983 with a simple operating philosophy: to provide the finest quality products at the best prices…” We’ve joined forces to offer that restaurant quality to your home. Every meat they offer, we’ll offer at City Provisions. What isn’t available in the store can be ordered and ready for pick-up within 2 days.



H&F Bread Co.

H&F was started in 2008 with a single baker and three assistants.  Today they consist of 130 Employees, 3 Head Bakers and 4 Baking Managers operating 24/7.   We’re excited to offer an assortment of their fresh baked goods and in doing so pass on to you H&F’s undeniable commitment to experience, quality and a passion for their craft.

Available on the GROCERY shelves (select products) and in the EATERY for all sandwiches served.


The Common Market

The Common Market (TCM) is a nonprofit regional food distributor with a mission to connect communities with good food from sustainable family farms. TCM will be our primary source for local, organic and/or farmed goods. Organic dairy, eggs & produce plus local specialty foods will be supplied from this key purveyor.

Look on our SPECIALTY shelves across from the Eatery counter for the latest products supplied by TCM.